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Health Benefits of Jaggery

1. Maintains digestion system: Jaggery clears the blood and cleans the metabolism. Taking jaggery with one glass of water or milk cools stomach. With this, you will not have the gas problem. People who have gas trouble they should eat little jaggery after lunch or dinner.

2. Periods Pain: Women who have pain during periods jaggery is quite beneficial for them. Jaggery keeps your digestion system right. Therefore, eat jaggery during periods. This will reduce the pain.

3. The source of Iron: Jaggery is the primary source of iron. So it is very beneficial for patients with anemia. The intake is very important, especially for women.

4. Skin: Jaggery removes bad toxins from the blood and skin become fabulous, and there is no problem of acne.

5. Cold-cough: Jaggery is hot, so its intake gives relief from cold and cough. If you do not want to eat raw jaggery during cold, then you can eat in tea or in the form of laddoo.

6. For Energy: Stress and weakness decrease and energy level increases by taking jaggery. Jaggery is digested quickly, so sugar level does not rise. After a day’s work when you are tired immediately eat jaggery.

7. Body temperature: Jaggery controls the temperature of the body. It has anti-allergic ingredients, so it is quite beneficial for asthma patients.

8. Relief in joint pain: Take a piece of ginger with jaggery. You will not have a problem with arthritis in the winter.

9. Throat and voice problem can be solved by eating jaggery with cooked rice.

10. Asthma problem does not occur by eating jaggery and black sesame.

11. In winter, it is frozen, then melt the jaggery and use.

12. By eating jaggery and ghee you get relief from Ear pain.

13. Gas does not occur by eating jaggery after lunch/dinner.

14. Take 5 grams Saunth and 10 grams jaggery during jaundice. You will get relief.

15. Memory increase by eating jaggery halva.

16. Take 5 grams jaggery and mustard oil and eat it. You will get relief in respiratory disease.

17. Mixed jaggery in millet porridge and eat it. Your vision increases.

18. Sour burp can be removed by taking jaggery and rock salt.

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