Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds For Skin, Hair And Health

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Want to try pumpkin seeds for your skin and hair, anyone? There are many among us who do the trial and error method to find out what cleanses our skin the most. We eventually succeed in taking up a raw diet regimen to follow as we surely and instantly see the differences our hair and skin undergo. But there are many among us who end up facing acne related problems. Now this too needs a solution, right? What if you can grab hold of a product that will help you do exactly that and a lot more, and yes it is natural!
Well, I have been talking about pumpkin seeds all this while. This is going to be a great boon for those of you who suffer the aforementioned problem. It is sure to create dramatic wonders to your skin. And another blessing in disguise for this seed is that it is inclined towards alkalinity rather than the usual case of acidity. So that’s a bonus! Read further to know how the pumpkin seeds possess such a quality.

Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits for Skin:

These seeds owe their ability to clean your skin inside out to the high amounts of zinc and vitamin E, which is a power antioxidant. This single mineral helps these seeds in a great manner by not just regulating your body’s hormonal levels that may otherwise produce acne, but also aides in your general well being. Listed below are the advantages of consuming pumpkin seed milk on a regular basis:

Improves Skin Tone: Firstly, it provides a clear and a smooth skin tone.
Treating Wounds: It will also help in healing wounds quickly.
Fights Acne: It will also prevent your face from adorning any more of those ugly pimples.
Rejuvenates Skin: Pumpkin seeds keep your collagen in shape and also help in skin renewal.
Fights Ageing: And here is the one you have been waiting for. It’s got a pretty long list of minerals that attribute it to its anti-ageing properties. So you can say adios to wrinkles now!
Therefore, it is a great way to fix all the problems your skin already has and start anew with a soft and glowing skin!

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits for Hair:

These seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and therefore will gift you with thick, soft and shiny hair. Read on to learn more on how pumpkin seeds actually have a say in your hair’s health:

6. Makes Hair Healthy: As it is clear from the above mentioned facts, we can now say that richness is its middle name as pumpkin seeds boost your health abundantly, whether it is body, hair or skin. It is rich in Vitamin A, K, B (biotin), zinc and sulphur which are essentially important for your scalp’s health and hair’s strength. They are a powerful concoction of nutrients that your hair will get naturally only from these seeds.

7. Makes Hair Shiny: Being rich in Vitamin E, it will also provide you with a shiny hair, not to mention what the presence of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will do to your hair.
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Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds:

8. Rich In Nutrients: These are considered a super food as they are ridiculously rich in proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals and really good fats for your body. This concludes that it will take care of your health in general and is therefore a healthy snack.

9. Controls Cholesterol: With an abundance of omega 3 or 6 fatty acids, they will help increase the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol).

10. Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels: They also contain what is called as the ‘plant version of animal cholesterol’, which is phytosterol. They also help in reducing the bad cholesterol absorption to a very large extent.

It is definitely going to be a swell idea if you decide to include pumpkin seeds in your eating regimen. Please do share your feedback with us.

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