Ayurveda Fundamental Principles

ayurveda fundamental principles

ayurveda fundamental principles

Ayurveda Fundamental Principles are as under:

TriGunas: Three Fundamental universal energies are:


Rajas and


The PancaMahabhutas: Five basic elements are:

Akasha (Space);

Vayu (Air);

Teja or Agni (Fire);

J ala (Water) and

Prithvi (Earth)

TriDosas: Three Body Humours are:


Pitta and


The SaptaDhatus: Seven types of body tissues are:

Rasa (fluid) Dhatu;

Rakta (blood) Dhatu;

Mamsa Dhatu;

Meda (fat) Dhatu;

Asthi Dhatu;

Majja Dhatu and

Sukra Dhatu.

The TrayodosaAgni: Thirteen types of digestive fires are:

One Jatharagni (gastric fire);

Seven SaptaDhatvagni and

Five PancaBhutagni.

The TriMalas: Three types of Body Wastes are:

Purisa (faeces);

Mutra (urine) and

Sveda (sweat).

The TriGunas

The three gunas Satva, Rajas and Tamas– are the three essential components or energies of the mind. Ayurveda provides a distinct description of people on the basis of their Manasa (psychological) Prakriti (constitution). Genetically determined, these psychological characteristics are dependent on the relative dominance of the three gunas.

The psyche is of three types –Pure or Satva, Rajas and Tamasa

While all individuals have mixed amounts of the three, the predominant guna determines an individual’s mansa prakriti. In equilibrium, the three gunas preserve the mind (and indirectly the body), maintaining it in a healthy state. Any disturbance in this equilibrium results in various types of mental disorders. Just as the Doshas are the essential energies of the body, the three Gunas, namely Satva, Rajas and Tamas, are the three essential energies of the mind. The Panchamahabhootas, Tridosha and Trigunas form the basis of all diagnosis and treatment procedures in Ayurveda. Balancing these is the best way to maintain health and to cure diseases caused by physical, mental or spiritual factors.

In the next Article we are going to learn more in details about The TriGunas.

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